The Ripple Effect Project


We have created the Ripple Effect Project as an opportunity for our partners and employees to focus on helping others in ways that are often overlooked. We are deeply honored to work with a group of incredible people that share the belief that we should help others just because we are able.

At S.E.E.D., we believe that our success is tied to our ever-growing collection of great people. This includes our firm’s partners, our employees, and our clients and community partners. Our goal is to continue to attract incredible people. We genuinely believe that we can grow stronger, together.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with amazing people who are truly inspiring. Whatever their cause, they give, give, and give some more. They give in many ways; money, time, expertise, and sometimes just emotional support. Many clients have also expressed that they are looking for an idea, inspiration, or community of similarly minded people.
We would like to personally invite those like-minded people to help us make the Ripple Effect Project an inspiration to the community.


How it works:


The Ripple Effect Project’s primary purpose is to provide a platform for like-minded people to administer projects and programs of all sizes that exhibit each of the core values listed below. Our goal is to change people’s lives, one project at a time. Over a specific period of time we will coordinate and participate in inspirational, thought-provoking projects and programs focused on helping others.


CORE VALUES for each project or program:


Stimulating thought of how to create a sustainable, vibrant community
Exceptional awareness of the needs of others
Ethical approach to each action
Duty to put others first
The Ripple Effect Project will run during two, three-month periods: June-August 2018 and again September-November 2018. All projects and programs must be completed within their respective three-month period.


How to get involved:


We would like to encourage anyone who would want to be involved to email us at rep@seedpg.com. This includes both anyone with ideas on projects or programs and those who may not have ideas, but would love the opportunity to volunteer, network, collaborate, donate, lead, inspire, or mentor. You can participate based on your availability and desired level of involvement. Please include your name and contact information.

We would also encourage you to “like” our Facebook page at The Ripple Effect Project. You can type “REP607” into your Facebook search and it should take you to our page. This is where you will find information about both upcoming and completed projects, as well as how to stay involved.


Ripple Effect Project on Facebook at REP607


The WHY Behind The Ripple Effect Project


The Opportunity

By focusing on cultivating and nourishing our shared values, we can create wonderful networks that possess an incredible capacity for delivering positive change and support to the communities in which we live.


“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” -Oscar Wilde
The Ripple Effect Project intends to represent the feeling of hope that should be present wherever we go. We should show up even when we are not expected to and help even when we may not be rewarded. This movement incorporates everyone who comes to be a part of S.E.E.D.. It starts with the example that our partners, employees, and clients set for the community.
It is all of our jobs to empower those around us and to remove the barriers that are otherwise holding others back. By connecting with others in a way that enhances a positive attribute we can have an exponential effect on creating an abundance of opportunities for everyone.


Growth for the sake of growth may not be ideal growth. But growth with a purpose that is tied to shared values is infinitely more powerful. The latter can become a foundation of an organization or even an entire community. We find meaning by identifying shared values and unifying around these values provides us with the motivation to take on even the most daunting tasks.


Strength comes in numbers. But how do you grow those numbers? Leaders, positioned at the right time and in the right situation have the opportunity to become the face of a movement. Individually, I may be strong…or weak. Together, I only have to be me, and you just have to be you as our strengths and weaknesses can compensate. A large enough motivated group of individuals with shared values can be unstoppable.

Finding Commonality

Not all individuals share universal values. Values are in some ways like ambitious goals. It is nearly impossible for someone to achieve an ambitious goal if they do not own it. If someone is being forced to chase a target that has been predetermined by a third party without their own personal input or needs and wants to be taken into account, then they will most likely fail. But if that same person believes 100% in the goal and every breath they take or action they make is directly related to achieving that goal, then it is doubtful that that person will fail because of issues within their control. This is how finding commonality amongst values works. We cannot force our values on others, nor should we change who we are just to please someone else. This being said, we also cannot discount the values that others hold dear just because we don’t understand or agree with them. In place of challenging others to get in line, we should lead by example. If we truly believe in our values, then we should find others who share these same values, and together make amazing things happen, thereby inspiring others.

For more information, please contact:

Steve CampbellPartner & Director of Community Engagement
(607) 217-5091