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401(k) Alternative plans: SEP

As another alternative to the 401(k) plan, a Simplified Employee Pension plan (or SEP for short) can be a very powerful, user-friendly option. This employer-sponsored plan is easy to open and administer and also limits administrative fees and expenses. With these...

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Risk vs. Reward

Previously we touched upon the effects of fees and taxes on portfolio performance.   We are now on to the third principle of asset allocation.  If you remember, our principles are about focusing on what we can control.  So why is controlling asset allocation so...

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We recently held a "Lunch & Learn" event here at our SEED Offices where we discussed the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule in depth. This post contains some questions asked by the attendees. Q: How will this affect the insurance “Financial Advisors?” Will they just...

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Financial Advisors and Litigation

There is a huge misconception that the DOL Fiduciary Rule opens the door for clients to sue financial advisors if they lose money on their investments. Legal liability seems to be the key argument of most opponents to the Fiduciary Rule. This is kind of like saying,...

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