Independent. Fee-Only. Fiduciary. 

Our Promise To You

We believe you should have access to high-quality financial planning regardless of how much money you have. We are not your traditional financial advisors. Our goal is to empower you to live your best life and help you achieve your own unique definition of financial success.

We want you to have an awesome experience with real people who genuinely want you to be successful.

We are a fiduciary and we put your best interests first.


A Different Kind of Experience


Real Conversations with Real People

No commissions or Products

Fee-only Financial Planning

Investment Fiduciary

100% Locally Owned

Advice You Can Understand

Multigenerational Planning

No Cost, No Obligation Discovery Meetings

As your financial planning partner, S.E.E.D. helps to coordinate all your financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and estate planning needs to provide you with the all-encompassing S.E.E.D. Planning Group experience.

Our financial planning costs are fully disclosed, transparent, and easy to understand.

Listen to our ‘Ditch the Suits’ Podcast

Welcome to Ditch the Suits, where we get real about the stuff no one in the financial world wants you to know about. If you are interested in learning from successful business owners on how you can better manage your family’s wealth while protecting it from financial exploitation, then stick around and join co-hosts Steve Campbell and Travis Maus for this unapologetic and thought-provoking no-holds-barred banter. If you own a business, or have accumulated millions of dollars, or are aspiring to have these things, then this podcast is for you. In Ditch the Suits, we use real-life business strategies to show you how to reduce financial risk, improve your finances, build wealth, and avoid situations where money destroys families. We also use real-life “I wish I had do-overs” to show you what not to do, with a focus on how to prevent financial exploitation from your family and friends to so-called trusted advisors.


A Place For You

Under 40 and Getting Started

A program specifically designed to help those getting started building their financial lives. We help assess your cash flow, work-place benefits, investment options, insurances, student loans, debt management, and education planning for your kids for a flat monthly fee. 

Preparing For or Currently in Retirement

Whether you are retired or planning your retirement, this program will help you put your financial pieces in place. We provide retirement planning projections and advice on Social Security and Pension selection, understanding your benefits, investment guidance, estate, and coordinated tax planning for a flat monthly fee.

Financial Planning + Investment Management

A program for those looking for an all-inclusive financial planning and investment fiduciary management experience with no out of pocket expenses. We help you organize and prioritize your financial life while ensuring your investments are managed in line with your overall goals. 

Tax Planning and Preparation

To help clients save money over their entire lifetime by providing affordable and proactive income tax planning and preparation services.

401(k) and SIMPLE IRA Management

A retirement plan team helping employers with plan administration, fiduciary oversight, and employee education for a flat-fee.

Financial Literacy and Leadership Facilitation

A non-profit formed to promote financial literacy and collaborative leadership development.


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